It might have been over a pint when I asked of Phil if he thought he could manage to fashion a Karambit style blade; to which he replied, 'Probably' or something similarly prosaic. After sobering up and having a think he gets back to me and we trade ideas. I eventually settle on something traditional; the short, curved blade imitating a Tigers claw or Eagle talon. He provides sketches. Weeks later he still has all his fingers somehow and a beautiful blade for me. It's aggressive in shape, the Asian blade is now somewhat 'Westernised' with a combination of steel, brass and dark 'Ironwood'. It looks like Satan's cutlery. Still, it's heavy enough to be reassuring, light enough to be nimble and sharp enough to shave a Gnat. I couldn't be happier with it.
J Croft
Thanks for your work on 'the apple knife'. Your ideas were excellent, and the quality of the finished product astounding. I highly commend Phils work & recommend Harvey Blades.
G French

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